JT Salita
Medical and Scientific Writing

It is on record that when a young aspirant asked Faraday the secret of his success as a scientific investigator, he replied, “The secret is comprised in three words- Work, Finish, Publish”.  

- J.R. Gladstone, "Michael Faraday" (1872), p. 122 

Services include

  • writing lay summaries (rewriting of technical and scientific texts for lay)
  • proofreading documents* (check spelling, grammar, consistency in formatting and writing style) 
  • editing documents* (improving language use, brevity and scientific content)
  • generating tables and texts based on published literature and data provided by client
  • translation (German into English) of scientific and technical texts*, tables and graphs
  • literature survey
  • giving courses/seminars/workshops on scientific writing or technical English (e.g., see courses at the University of Bremen https://www.fremdsprachenzentrum-bremen.de)

*Documents or texts can be 

  • manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals or symposium proceedings
  • posters and slide presentations for conferences, congresses and other professional meetings
  • research proposals/grants
  • theses or dissertations
  • reviews, summaries and articles for the Internet
  • training manuals and other materials 
  • users' manuals and other product information materials
  • patient narratives and parts of regulatory documents such as clinical study reports and protocols

Service charges and timelines

Pricing is calculated based on the number of hours needed to complete a task, which can be estimated after receiving project goals and supporting documents. JT Salita's hourly rate is based on the current EMWA salary survey. A quote together with a timeline for the project can be provided upon request. Timeline will be counted starting from receipt of all project-related documents. Rush jobs will be computed with 20% surcharge.


JT Salita values YOUR trust.  Except for published information or information for public use, you can be assured that your data and documents are your property